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Essential Skills for Leading with confidence

Join Kenya Dunn of the Power Tribe Community for a transformative webinar designed exclusively for Women of Color leaders. Discover the skills to lead with unwavering confidence and embrace your unique leadership style on your way to becoming a leader of influence.

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No-Fluff, High-Impact Leadership Training

In a world that often makes us question our influence and impact, this webinar is your opportunity to reaffirm your effectiveness and power as a leader. Many Women of Color leaders believe they can lead but aren't sure how to do it confidently and without doubt. This webinar will teach you how to show up confidently, own every room you enter, and walk in your true power.

Silence the Inner Critic

Learn how to recognize and overcome feelings of inadequacy. This webinar provides you with actionable strategies to build unshakeable confidence, trust in your abilities, and embrace your unique leadership style.

Real Stories, Real Success

Be inspired by personal stories of triumph and transformation from Kenya Dunn and other trailblazing leaders. Their experiences will offer you actionable insights and the motivation to pursue your own path to success.

Make Your Voice Heard

Discover how to make a lasting impression and command respect in any setting. Learn how to present yourself with authority and authenticity, ensuring your voice is heard and valued.

Bounce Back Stronger

Not everything will go your way—learn how to recover from tough decisions and setbacks. This webinar teaches you how to minimize the impact of challenges on your confidence, equipping you with resilience strategies to keep moving forward.

Become the Consequential Leader You Were Created to Be!

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Act Fast: Register for Zero Cost While You Still Can—Limited Seats!


Which session are you planning to attend?

Is this webinar for you?

This webinar is designed for Women of Color leaders who are ready to take their leadership skills to the next level. If you resonate with any of the following, then this webinar is a perfect fit for you:

  • Emerging Leaders: You've already stepped into leadership roles but struggle with self-doubt and are looking for ways to solidify your influence.

  • Established Leaders: You have experience leading but want to refine your approach and learn new strategies to enhance your impact.

  • Community Builders: You're passionate about empowering others and want to cultivate a supportive and inspiring environment for your team or organization.

If you’re eager to:

  • Embrace your unique leadership style and avoid the mental gymnastics that undermine your confidence.

  • Gain actionable tools and strategies for confident leadership.

  • Ensure your voice is heard and valued in every setting.

  • Learn healthy recovery techniques to bounce back from challenges and maintain your confidence.

  • Learn from the experiences of successful leaders like Kenya Dunn.

Then this webinar is for you! Join us to unlock your full potential and become the leader you always needed and always wanted to be.

Before taking the POWER Skills Academy course, I did not have a clear understanding of my core values and struggled with self-confidence. Since taking the courses, I now have a profound clarity on my core values, which has empowered me to walk with greater confidence. POWER Skills Academy has truly illuminated my inner strength and potential, allowing me to navigate both personal and professional challenges with a renewed sense of purpose and assurance.

Deya Smith

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