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3 years

Over the past three impactful years, we have been fervently dedicated to championing the growth, empowerment, and success of women of color in leadership roles.

100+ women

We've stood alongside over 100+ phenomenal women, offering guidance, connections, and resources that have propelled their leadership journeys.

20+ events

Through 20+ dynamic events, we've brought together an inspiring collective of women of color, creating spaces for learning, growth, and elevation.

Our Mission

to empower women of color, ignite their inner leader and spark a fire of positive change!

Our Vision

Through the courageous and inspirational leadership of women of color, our vision is to create a
better world for everyone.

Our Values

Rooted in strength and honesty, our values serve as a guiding light, providing clarity for the path ahead. These principles not only steer our journey but also cultivate a community where every voice, experience and journey thrives.

The P.O.W.E.R Tribe Core Values


Collaboration and Support


Owning our Narratives


Work and Service Integration


Investing in Ourselves




Making the World Better as a Result of our Leadership

One of our core beliefs at the POWER Tribe is that women thrive in an uplifting environment. Collaboration, support, and building each other up is what we're all about.

We believe in seizing control of our narratives. Our stories wield the transformative power to shape our reality, and it is imperative that we acknowledge this influence. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where we can discover our voices and boldly share our unique stories.

We believe in the limitless potential of women of color. We're here to empower our community to pursue their dreams, and make a positive difference while doing it. With our resources, connections, and expert advice, we are committed to helping our members thrive and live a fulfilled life!

We believe that we must prioritize self-improvement, be it in our businesses or sharpening our skills or building professional relationships. The POWER Tribe is committed to empowering women to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

In the POWER Tribe, we believe in standing up for ourselves and each other with confidence. Communication is key, and we're not afraid to ask for what we want or need. We lead with love and courage and respect each other's boundaries. No apologies or tiptoeing around issues here, just honest and clear communication.

In the POWER Tribe, we believe that women are capable of making a positive impact on the world. Our community is built on sisterhood and mutual support, empowering female leaders to tackle complex issues and create change around the globe.


Meet Kenya

Kenya Dunn has over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles in business, community, and non-profit organizations and has led teams as small as 6 and as large as 10,000. She is committed to teaching, challenging, and empowering you to become a transformative and consequential leader with confidence and bravado. Women of Color are transforming the leadership space one day at a time. Working with Kenya and the Power Tribe Community ensures you have the skillset, strategy, mindset, and resources to create a massive impact.

Sisterhood Starts Here

The Power in Action

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