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Behind the Movement

Get to know the powerhouse behind the movement! Kenya Dunn—a trailblazing force in leadership, equity, and change—is ready to inspire and empower you with her unwavering passion and expertise.

Hey There, Visionary!

Imagine a world where leaders are not just individuals with titles and responsibilities, but torchbearers of transformation, architects of innovation, and cultivators of resilience.


This is the vision I hold for every leader and company — to infuse their teams with these exceptional qualities of leadership.

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Shared Experiences - Shared Empowerment

I believe in an open, honest space rooted in my own experiences. From successes to struggles, my journey lays bare the path to openness and authenticity. This creates a safe environment for women of color to embrace their own journeys and celebrate collective empowerment.

My Journey

About Kenya Dunn

Are leaders born or bred? Trailblazing culture expert, captivating international speaker, highly accomplished businesswoman, and audacious agent for change, Kenya Dunn believes, "If you are trusted to share your thoughts and ideas, you are a leader." From humble beginnings in Georgia to leading a global movement for equity and opportunity, Dunn is an enthralling community leader renowned for her impact, inspiration, and influence.

Work with Kenya

As you take the next steps to connect with me and embark on this transformative journey, my aspiration is to guide every leader in recognizing that their impact is not confined by their current capabilities, but instead are fortified by a profound understanding of their own leadership narrative.

Voice in Action

Book Kenya to Speak

Empower your audience with Kenya's captivating talks and transformative workshops. Book her today to ignite motivation, foster inclusive leadership, and drive impactful change.

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