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Experience the power of collaboration and join the P.O.W.E.R. Tribe. Our community of leaders is a place where ideas come to life, creativity thrives, and success is celebrated with high-fives all around. Be a part of a dynamic community that will help you reach new heights!

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Unleash Your Potential: Welcome to The P.O.W.E.R. Tribe Community

The P.O.W.E.R. Tribe is the vision of our founder, Kenya Dunn, inspired by the timeless wisdom of Dr. Maya Angelou. We are a community of courageous leaders who strive to break through barriers and leave a lasting impact. Our approach is bold, courageous, and loving – together, we're rewriting narratives and shattering ceilings. Join us today to start writing your own destiny.

"The life you are trying to create will never
exceed the person you are willing to grow into.”



We Lead By The Numbers:
Data-Driven Insights for Women Leaders


of women of color leaders reported receiving no resources or support specifically tailored to their needs in the workplace.


of C-Suite leaders are women, with only 5% of those women being leaders of color.


of Black women leaders agreed that their leadership roles have been notably under attack in recent years.


Authentic Leadership

We redefine leadership paradigms, while nurturing an environment where each individual's unique approach to leadership thrives.

Cultivating Inclusive Networks

We dismantle silos, fostering inclusive networks that transcend industries, creating spaces where collaboration and innovation flourish.

Holistic Growth and Well-being

We champion growth by nurturing not only professional development but also mental, spiritual emotional, and physical well-being.

Take Our Quiz!

What does your personality say about your leadership style?

Discover how your unique personality shapes your leadership style. Take our engaging quiz designed for women to explore and understand how your personality traits influence your approach to leadership. Embrace self-discovery and learn how your strengths can define your impactful leadership journey.


Vibe with the Tribe

We empower leaders at every career stage and from every walk of life with our resources, guidance, and community. Our voice is bold, courageous, and compassionate, reflecting our commitment to championing your unique journey and growth.

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Thrive with the Tribe

Join our community of achievers who value growth, leadership, and success!

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Power Skills Academy

 Elevate your skills, master leadership strategies, and develop the edge needed to succeed. Our academy offers tailored programs, trainings, and resources designed to unlock your full potential.

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Power Tribe Community

Connect with a diverse community of ambitious, like-minded women. Gain support, share experiences, and build lasting relationships within a vibrant network of leaders dedicated to each other's success.

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The P.O.W.E.R.  Tour 2024

 Embark on an inspiring journey. Our exclusive annual tour is a transformative experience that combines learning, networking, and exploration, empowering you to lead with purpose and passion.

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Thought Leadership of Kenya Dunn

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Kenya Dunn

Discover the force behind transformational leadership: Kenya Dunn. Engage with her journey, insights, and the powerhouse strategies she brings to the table. Click to dive deeper into her world and explore how you can collaborate, learn, and harness her expertise to elevate your leadership prowess.

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Download your freebie!

Ten Books Every Woman of Color Should Read

Delve into a handpicked selection of 10 essential books designed to empower and elevate women of color (WOC) in their leadership journeys. These transformative reads offer unique perspectives and invaluable insights that have personally fueled my growth as a leader. Ready to expand your leadership toolkit? Grab your copy!

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The Power Tribe is intentionally shaped to reflect growth, community development, and grace. I've learned the importance of honoring my voice, showing up with power, and leaving an unforgettable impression in every space.

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I have been affirmed and challenged and called upon to honor myself in a greater way.  This community reminds me that everything I have is valuable.  The environment naturally fosters a safe place to give and receive.



By investing in the Power Tribe, I've learned that as Black women, we can fulfill the wildest dreams of our ancestors without competing against one another. Instead, it's about embracing, empowering, and elevating each other. 

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