your sisterhood
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The Power Tribe is your connection to other Power-Filled Women. Whether you are a corporate professional, entrepreneur or in career transition, we exist to provide an environment for growth and expansion to all women of color regardless of where you are on your journey.

Why the tribe

broaden your skill set

In the Power Tribe, we help you grow your skills, expand your knowledge, and fulfill your big and bold dreams! You will have access to the P.O.W.E.R Skills assessment that helps become a high integrity, impactful leader, regardless of your industry or position.

expand your circle

When you join the Power Tribe, you are joining a group of women who are here to help, challenge, inspire and celebrate you. This is the space to connect with women of diverse experiences and expertise where we will all thrive off of accountability and genuine support.

unleash your potential

We use coaching and mentoring to help you overcome limited beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back. This community is about meeting you where you are and providing the tools, resources, and support you need to be an effective and prosperous leader!

who belongs inside
the community?

  • A woman of color looking to expand her capacity and advance her leadership skills.
  • A woman longing for an environment that does not require her to compromise her identity as she is growing & elevating.
  • A woman searching for a community to build camaraderie with & explore ideas and solutions to complex problems
  • A woman that can benefit from hands on coaching & self-paced learning to help her reach her goals & aspirations.

Join the tribe

The Power Tribe Community is a community created by Women of Color with Women of Color in mind. We are on a mission to elevating the leadership and influence of women of color.

Learn more about the spaces we’ve created for WOC Leaders!

Power Tribe Community –

Applications are open to the public during the open enrollment period.

Power Tribe Circle –

Applications are open to those who receive a direct invitation to join from any community advisors.



  • P.O.W.E.R. Skills Assessment
  • Personal Growth Plan
  • On-Line Learning Platform
  • Small Group Coaching
  • Social Events & Outings*

Additional Cost May Apply



  • VIP Days & Retreats
  • Access to Success Alliance Groups
  • Specially Curated events and meet ups*

The POWER CIRCLE membership has access to all of the benefits in the COMMUNITY.

Additional Cost May Apply

Power Tribe member experience


As a result of joining the Power Tribe, I learned how to reset my personal values! Since then, I have regained my purpose in life, set better boundaries, regained self love and confidence, and found a safe space to connect, be empowered, and learn.


The Power Tribe is shaped with intentionality that reflects growth, community development, and grace. I’ve learned the importance of honoring my voice and showing up in power yet leaving an unforgettable impression in every space.


Before working with Kenya, I lacked the self confidence to honor my worth. After investing in the Power Tribe, I have the skills and the courage to have a much needed conversation with my boss. I was clear and owned MY power in a graceful way.


Join the community of women dedicated to
your success. YOU belong here!

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