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“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Dr Maya Angelou

Like many of you, I have long admired the wisdom of Dr. Maya Angelou. Many of her quotes have caused me to view myself and my role in the world differently. But this one, resonates on another level because after spending nearly 20 years in a corporate career, and as a mentor and coach to countless people of color, I understand the power that is activated when we live by this mantra. 

I want to make it known that my career and life success is attributed to my own hard work as well as being connected to people from all walks of life who opened their lives, platforms, and doors for me. This includes people from all races, both male and female. I am forever grateful. 

However, over my years of serving others, I have long seen the disparities that exist for people of color and the consequences that has on one’s ability to reach your highest level of success possible. It is this reality that caused me to accept the role of mentor, coach, and sponsor for so many. To assume responsibility for helping as many people as I could to advance their careers, start and grow businesses, overcome limited beliefs and thinking, and create the life they so deserved. 

The urgency that exists today that says, women of color are capable, have the capacity and the competency to thrive in business or as entrepreneurs still drives me. As well as, the reality that there is no place created with women of color in mind where we can learn together and address challenges that are unique to us. 

The Power Tribe is my offering to “fill the gap”. All women are welcome because I recognize that there are a lot of similarities in the challenges that we face. 

See you soon! 

In Light & Love, Kenya Dunn, Power Tribe Visionary and Coach

Why Join?

The Power Tribe is your connection to other Power-Filled Women. Whether you are a corporate professional, entrepreneur or in career transition, we offer an environment for growth and expansion.


We offer classes and events designed to broaden your current skill set.


The Power Tribe is the place to connect with women of diverse experiences and expertise.


Bring your bold dreams and big goals to the Power Tribe. Join a group of women eager to help, challenge and celebrate you.


We use coaching and mentoring to help you overcome limited beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back.


Statistics say that your probability of achieving your goals increase to 95% when accountability is part of the plan. Our members are all here to help you achieve your goals.


Be a part of something transformative. Our community is focused on women helping women.


6 professional workshops
3 Coaching Sessions over a six-month period
Access to Masterclasses hosted by industry experts.
Access to private Facebook group community.
Exclusive members only discounts from local businesses
Exclusive member discounts to Power-Filled events
Member Rate pricing to monthly Power Tribe connects
Exclusive member meet-up events
Opportunity to participate in “Quarterly Business Review” sessions
Opportunity to be recognized at the annual Power Tribe awards
Host Masterclasses, in person or virtually with the members
Share your expertise, products and services
Share your thoughts, ideas and experience through our website blog
Intimate Conversations with Kenya forum exclusively for Community Advisors

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